I’ve actually had fun decorating these pages with borders and images taken from my paintings – although I’d still rather paint art than paste it! Many thanks to all who keep the website up and running.

And thanks to all of you, for your wonderful enthusiasm and support! My greatest reward is in finding that my work brings pleasure to others. Your generous words of praise and encouragement have deeply touched and inspired me.

In fact, they have changed the direction of my career. So many of you have requested and suggested tiles, ceramic-ware, furniture, fabrics, calendars, wallpaper, books, boxes, stained glass and needlework kits and . . . Whoa! I’m just one person!

So, I’m actively seeking licensing of my art for use on such products. That way, someone else can make all that stuff and I can keep on painting. Besides painting originals, I"m still making prints, cards and stationery in limited quantities, until I can find the perfect licensees to take over.

I hope you’ll visit the site often. I’d love to hear from you, too. Contact me at emily at emilyfotis dot com

Enjoy your visit – Happy Browsing!


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