Some Favorite Guestbook Entries

"Peaceful, grand and Ancient beauty!"

"My favorite display!"

"Wonderful, Wonderful Wonder!"

"I am thrilled by your work."

"Lovely vision and technique!"

"Emily - I felt joy and peace viewing your work. Maybe the symmetry has a soothing, ordering effect on the brain like Mozart does - keep on."

"...absolutely lovely and very inspiring!"

"Most remarkable - brings tears of gladness."

"The loveliness you have created makes me happy to live on this planet."

"Thank you for your gift that you bless us with."

"Lovely and fine! Bravo Emily!"


"Very fresh and delightful!"

"Thank you so much for sharing. I love your artwork!"

"Amazing work, Emily!"

"It's completely unbelievable."

"The Best!"

"Sweet Peace!"

"Unique colors, unique work!"

"Thanks so much for sharing it all with us!"